Guidelines: Papers

Date Due Friday, August 26, 2016
Time Due 23:59 AoE (Baker Island, UTC-12h)
Submission Limits 6 pages
Duration 25 minutes
Submission Link ...
Notification to Authors Friday, October 14, 2016
Camera-Ready Copy Sunday, December 11th
Camera-Ready Instructions @ Sheridan Publishing

What Kinds Of Papers Are Customary?

We invite papers falling into the following topic areas:

Active Learning
AP/IB Courses & Curriculum
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Classroom Management
Communication Skills
Compilers/Programming Languages
Computational Thinking
Computers and Society
CS Ed Research/Research Study
Curriculum Issues
Database/Data Mining
Data Structures
Discrete Mathematics
Distance/Online Education
Distributed/Parallel Computing/HPC
Experience Report
Gender and Diversity
Graduate Studies
History of Computing
Computer Interaction
Information Systems
Information Technology
Instructional Technologies
K-12 Instruction
Laboratory Experience
New Curriculum/Program/Degree Initiatives
Non-traditional students
Object-oriented Issues
Operating Systems
Professional Practice
Real-Time/Embedded Systems
Software Engineering
Student Research/Capstone/Internships
Tools/Libraries/Learning Environments
Web-Based Technology
Open Source Software
Open Hardware
Mobile Apps


And, in truth, probably a few other areas as well, as long as you’re within the conference theme and in the realm of computer science education.

How Should The Paper Be Formatted?

Authors must submit ONLY an anonymized version of the paper. The goal of the anonymized version is to, as much as possible, allow the author(s) of the paper an unbiased review. The anonymized version should have ALL references to the authors removed (including author’s names and affiliation plus identifying information within the body of the paper such as websites or related publications). Self-citations need not be removed if they are worded so that the reviewer doesn’t know if the writer is citing himself/herself. That is, instead of writing “We reported on our first experiment in 2007 in a previous paper [1]”, the writer might write “In 2007, an initial experiment was done in this area as reported in [1].

If the paper is accepted for the conference and for publication, authors will be asked to complete a camera-ready copy that will include all appropriate author names, citations, and references.

The paper is limited to a maximum of 6 pages and must adhere to ACM’s publication guidelines:

If your paper is accepted you will have a chance to modify your publication version before it is published.

How Do I Submit My Paper?

Write your submission using the format specified above.

Convert your paper into Adobe PDF format. Refer to our Creating Adobe PDF Documents page page for assistance.

Details regarding submission upload will be made available when the submission system goes online.

The opening of submissions will be announced through the SIGCSE mailing list, social media, and the front page of this website.

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By SIGCSE policy, at least one contributor is required to register, attend and present a paper. See our full policy for more information.


If you have questions about anything discussed above, please contact the Program Co-Chair Chair.